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Fatcow: Cheap Hosting for Your Site

Fatcow Hosting-While looking for a web page hosting, many users prefer Fatcow because it provides cheap hosting services. Fatcow server has millions of websites on its servers and knows how to keep their customers satisfied. We recommend Fatcow as an excellent hosting service regardless of the type of website you want to create.

FatCow is a WordPress Hosting that stands out for its simplicity, in the best of the senses. Do not complicate life with plans for all occasions and only have a normal shared hosting mode and too specific for the use of WordPress. If you do well, perfect, and either you go to VPS or dedicated, or you’re looking for another company.

Some Curiosities about FatCow 

  • It exists since 1998, so if you just discovered it, you’re going more than late!
  • Although in many countries its name does not sound too much, it is one of the most popular accommodations in the US.
  • They are a company, committed to the environment (of green calls) and use wind power to supply their data centers.
  • If you go around your page you will find all kinds of allusions and details related to the environment in general and to the cows in particular.

Now we are going to what interests us, to see what it offers us and at what price:

This is the “normal” shared plan, although it is not the only one. They have two more specific shares for those who always work with WordPress, which we will see later. Some things we can highlight the shared hosting plan:

  • First, the price! A whole year of accommodation costs you $ 49! Or what is the same, 4.08 dollars per month.
  • If you make a payment of at least one year at a time, the domain is free (as long as it is one of the extensions that allow (.com, .net …).
  • As many websites as you like (it is very rare to find something like this for this price).
  • Unlimited bandwidth, which does not mean infinity.
  • Unlimited disk space.
  • Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied (excluding the domain price).
  • VDeck control panel.

If you are looking for the basics, this is more than enough, but if you have special needs you will have to add some of the extras they offer. It also offer Fatcow Linux Hosting with different Fatcow Linux Hosting Plans Let’s see them

Accessories or Extras

  • is Privacy(hide your name as the owner of the domain): $ 9.99 per year
  • They optimize your WordPress hosting for $3 per month. For what it includes, if you have used WordPress sometime surely you will not need it.
  • Tool to create your own newsletter and send it to your customers via mail or social networks for $10 per month. There are cheaper tools online if you search a bit on Google.
  • Advanced protection and higher performance for $ 1.66 per month.
  • Google tools (most of them can be replaced by free plug-in) for $5 per month.
  • Daily backups at $ 1.08 per month.
  • Software to create a mobile version of your website for $ 2.99 per month. If you use a WordPress theme of the so-called responsive, this you will not need either.

How have you seen, if you are looking for a good service for a good price, you can survive without any of the extras they offer.

Fatcow Hosting Specific Plans for WordPress

Fatcow Hosting
Fatcow Hosting

These are shared accommodations, too, but prepared exclusively for those who use this well-known CMS (which not only serves for blogs). In all the plans that you make a payment of at least one year, you have the free domain.

These include a special control panel to make things easier as well as plenty of topics (themes) pretty good free. The plug-in that you consider essential install them and configure them by default. There are many Fatcow WordPress Hosting Plans

Check – Fatcow WP Hosting Plans

Advantages of Fatcow Hosting:

  • Cheap Fatcow WordPress Hosting (less than $ 50 per year)
  • Free domain
  • Unlimited web hosting
  • Unlimited broadband
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • $ 150 gift to promote your site in Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Multiple websites in a single plan
  • Installer with 1 click of WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, etc.
  • Free website builder with Fatcow Shared Hosting
  • Free online store


Disadvantages of Fatcow Hosting:

  • In English (although it’s really easy to use, even if you do not master the language)


WP Starter Plan

The cheapest option of all is within Fatcow Shared Hosting Plans. If you pay for a whole year, it will cost you $ 45, or $ 3.75 per month. How its name indicates is ideal for amateur bloggers or people who do not need an excess of resources. For the vast majority of cases, this Fatcow Windows Hosting Plans plan can cover all the needs you may have.

Website builder.  When using Fatcow Windows Hosting you do not need to pay to design a website. Its software to build sites on the Internet is very easy and gives you the opportunity to design and create a website that adapts to your needs. It does not matter if you want a place to make money online, start your own blog or your site of photos and videos, this builder helps you to do it without problems.

1 click facilities – If you want a web hosting service to help you start your own WordPress blog, Joomla, Drupal or start your own forum with phpBB or virtual store with Prestashop, you will love Fatcow hosting. Thanks to its Simple Script service, you can install all the software you want with just a few easy steps.

Free shopping cart – Unlike other hosting services, Fatcow does not charge you for setting up a secure shopping cart. In addition, they provide you with payment methods through PayPal and other services so you can start accepting credit cards in your online store.

Premium customer service – Fatcow prides itself on being one of the most reliable services and one of the best web hosting services even after the sale. This does not mean that once you have paid and started using the service, they forget about you and your site or future problems that may arise.


Plan WP Essential

This is designed for a much more professional user profile of WordPress. The main differences with the other plan are that it uses more powerful servers which will improve the performance and capacity of your sites, a special care in the security of the same and a personalized assistance of experts in WordPress.

Something I notice a lot and in the case of FatCow I was very pleasantly surprised, it was their customer service. Although it is in English and this can be a problem for someone, they have a free phone, chat and email in which they will respond very quickly and trying to help you in any way they can.

If I had to recommend a plan for everyone, I would probably keep the basic one. It does not include so many facilities when managing WordPress, but the benefits are very good and you will have more freedom to do what you want. Imagine for example that you want to set up a website for your business using prestashop, for example, in addition to your blog in WordPress. The price seems spectacular for what it is and a customer service worthy of the best. If FatCow is not the most famous web hosting in some countries, it’s not because it lacks quality!

Fatcow Black Friday Deals

On Fatcow BlackFriday Deals you can get many Fatcow Coupons and Fatcow Hosting Offer

Cheap Fatcow Hosting Details

No one can offer everything Fatcow offers for such a low price. If you are looking for a hosting for your site that offers more for a very low price, Fatcow is for you. When you start a website with Fatcow you get these advantages:

You never lose your data.  FatCow makes a daily backup of all its users, so you will never lose your information in case of any error with your site. This is a great help since you do not have to create backup copies every day and you will have peace of mind that your site will not be lost in cyberspace.

Fatcow gives you all unlimited FatCow offers you everything you need to create a website without limitations. With these companies, you get unlimited disk space, unlimited broadband and you can have an unlimited number of domains under a single plan.

1 Free domain: When you get a hosting plan with this company, they give you 1 domain with any web hosting plan.

Quality technical support:  Fatcow Support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This company has staff at your disposal to help you with any error or problem that appears on your website. You can get in touch them by mean of Fatcow Phone Number or Fatcow Email

Promote your site big.  Fatcow offers all its new customers a free credit of $ 100 for use in Google Adwords, $ 25 for Yahoo, $ 25 for Bing and $ 50 for Facebook. So you can make your website known and attract more users and visits to your website. Also one can earn using Fatcow Affiliate program.

Now the question is How to Earn with Fatcow, you can detail from its website

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Fatcow Web Hosting: Warranty

When you start a Fatcow hosting plan, you receive a one month’s money back guarantee. In the event that you are not satisfied with the service, Fatcow will reimburse all your money within one month. In our opinion, one month is more than enough to know if a web hosting provider is worth it or not.

How to use Fatcow Hosting

The FatCow hosting service is known for its simplicity and is really one of the web hosting services that are easiest to use. To create a website with Fatcow, you just have to start your plan and you will have everything you need to start using the best hosting available for the best price.

How to do login at fatcow account:

To do it you must have Fatcow Login, and after that you can easily login at Fatcow Cpanel and there you can excess Fatcow Webmail at Fatcow Nameservers

Our Comments on Fatcow Hosting

FatCow has more than a decade as a company and has an excellent reputation as a provider of website hosting. As you can see on its website, this company is based on a simple and effective design that has positioned it as one of the best hosting companies. Fatcow is a company with a long reputation. It was founded in 1998 and has continued to grow into one of the leading providers of web hosting in the world. This company presents an excellent quality of service and technical support that very few companies can match.

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FatCow is one of those web hosting that surprises you so much and also does it for good. For a very tight price you have everything you can ask a hosting, and even more. For $ 4 there are no multi-site hosting with a customer service of this level and such a good performance (even less with the WP Starter). If you have not done it yet,


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